Corva Florence

#mayweallheal #mwah

Day 7: Name

I wasn’t planning to participate in this project but this subject in particular spoke to me. During both of my pregnancies it was challenging to agree on a name, despite knowing the sex of our baby. It felt like such pressure to come up with the perfect name.

For our first daughter we found the perfect name: Astoria Marjorie. Astoria for the Oregon town where we honeymooned. And Marjorie in honor of my paternal grandmother, a particularly lovely and special person. Astoria was named after she was born. For Corva, it was the same.

We chose Corva, diminutive of Corvallis, where Oregon State University exists. OSU is where Aaron received his Master’s degree and PhD and where I earned my second bachelor’s degree. Florence is in honor of Aaron’s paternal grandmother, whom I never had the opportunity to meet.

Both of our daughters’ names have the meaning of a bird. Astoria means goshawk and Corva means raven. This was entirely coincidental, though how cool is that?

Corva, your daddy and I spent your entire life thinking of the the perfect name for you. Even though you could not stay, we decided that you were most deserving of this sacred name. My little raven, I love you so much.