Bella Luna

About a year ago,  my then-3-year-old and I started listening to The Laurie Berkner Band.  One song that I particularly grew to love is entitled Moon Moon Moon. And even though it’s a bit silly (“I have found that it looks just like a pizza pie!”), the harmony is beautiful. We’d be driving home, the moon ‘following’ us, and I would sing to my daughter “Moon, moon, moon, shining bright; Moon, moon, moon, my nightlight; Moon, moon, moon, I can see; Moon, moon, moon, you’re taking care of me.”

Tonight I went outside to take a photo for #CaptureYourGrief2017. I snapped a few photos of the moon. In each one, there is a small white circle. An orb? Or maybe just a dust particle, a reflection, maybe nothing. But maybe, just maybe, it’s something. I want to believe.


I don’t even have a great prompt. What are your thoughts?

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