Today a woman, 40+ weeks pregnant, remarked to me that her first child weighed 10+ pounds and she delivered vaginally. She then went on to explain how painful it was and how she hopes that her next baby won’t weigh that much.

I jumped out of my chair and slapped her across the face, screaming:


You’re right, I didn’t really do that. But I wanted to.

5 thoughts on “Perspective”

      1. Isn’t it crazy how different you feel from your old self? Every day, at least recently, I have new reminders of “old me” versus “new me.” Is it the same for you? Do you sometimes suddenly realize just how stark the differences are?

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  1. For sure. I am not the same person I was prior to delivering my 2nd baby. All day on Monday and Tuesday this week I kept having this constant monologue in my head “But I don’t WANT to be the mom of a dead baby!” And then I would cry and become frustrated because I can’t change the fact that it is now part of my identity. I see people further out from their loss and they have somehow managed to incorporate their dead baby into their new identity (by creating good from their loss). But I STILL don’t believe all things happen for a reason.

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