35 Songs for a Grieving Parent

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ~Maya Angelou

I’ve been moving rapidly through the Stages of Grief and what better way to commiserate than to turn up the music and cry (or scream or throw things or sob into pillows, well I think you have the general idea).  My current favorite is #29 below, “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. This really speaks to what my heart is feeling right now. If you are so inclined to listen to a truly gorgeous version, click here

I would love, love, love to know what songs are resonating with you as you journey through your own personal hell (I mean grief). Please comment below. 

  1.  A Falling Through–Ray LaMontagne
  2. All of the Stars–Ed Sheeran
  3. Angel–Sarah McLachlan
  4. Ave Maria–Beyonce
  5. Beam Me Up–P!nk
  6. Dancing in the Sky–Dani and Lizzy
  7. Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play That Part–Ryan Adams
  8. Emma’s Lullaby–Kenzie Nimmo
  9. Far Away–Nickelback
  10. Fly–Celine Dion
  11. Fly Away–Amy Lynn
  12. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)–Dixie Chicks
  13. Gone Too Soon–Simple Plan
  14. Held–Natalie Grant
  15. I Want You Here–Plum
  16. I Will Carry You (Audrey’s Song)–Selah
  17. I Will Follow You Into the Dark–Death Cab for Cutie
  18. I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Cover)–Jasmine Thompson
  19. I Will Not Say Goodbye–Danny Gokey
  20. I’ll Be There–Escape Club
  21. If I Die Young–The Band Perry
  22. Let It Be–The Beatles
  23. Lullaby–Dixie Chicks
  24. Not Right Now–Jason Gray
  25. One More Day–Rocket Club
  26. Safe & Sound–Taylor Swift with The Civil Wars
  27. See You Again–Carrie Underwood
  28. Smallest Wingless–Craig Cardiff
  29. Stars–Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
  30. Still–Gerrit Hofsink
  31. To Where You Are–Josh Groban
  32. Waiting on an Angel–Ben Harper
  33. When a Heart Breaks–Ben Rector
  34. When You Come Back Down–Nickel Creek
  35. Winter Song–Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson

4 thoughts on “35 Songs for a Grieving Parent”

  1. Shortly after Melody died, I started a “soundtrack” of songs that reminded me of her, of our grieving, of our loss. “Stars” was the first song that came to mind…which was a song I’d previously loved, and now, I love for an entirely new reason. We actually played it at her memorial service. (We also played “Let It Be” at her memorial service, as well as “Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab for Cutie.)
    Another song I love is Johnny Cash’s cover of “You Are My Sunshine.” I have always known the sadness and pain behind the song’s lyrics (few people know its lyrics, beyond the chorus.) Hearing the anguish in Johnny Cash’s vocals is heartbreaking. The first time I heard it was several years ago, while sitting idle at a red light. I was weeping by the time the light turned green.
    Also, I just discovered The Fray’s “Be Still.” Oh my God, those beautiful yet simple lyrics…they speak to me on several levels.
    Thanks for this post. ❤

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  2. I’m sorry.

    Thanks for finding my blog and I’m sorry you had to.

    I love musical discussions and have a number of posts on the subject. The main one is http://wp.me/P6SLXs-2E. I’ll try and follow your lead and set up a cool Spotify list like yours to collate them properly.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts and I hope you find writing helpful.

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